Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Recycled pretention

My friend pointed it out and I agreed. This is my most pretentious post ever.

I am opinions personified - i wonder if there is anything that i dont have an opinion about. Being a self-proclaimed atheist, sceptic, misomundist, misanthropist(on and off), misogregist, misophilist, misogaboorist, and miso-anthaksharist among others, i wonder if i can be any other way...

Having said that i fervently hope that by my holding opinions about things doesnt amount to being opinionated or dogmatic, for i hate opinionated people ;)

Was wondering why am i such a social mess? - why is it that when people see the beauty of a sunset, i only see (1/lambda^4)-dispersion of light; why is it that i look at the sky, i feel belittled and important at the same time -belitted by my very insignificance and important because of my part in the teleological cosmic drama; why is it that when people see a flower, i wonder how does it look in the ultraviolet spectrum; why is it that in a song, i listen to that violin piece that nobody bothers to listen or appreciate; why is it that where others reacted with horror on seeing the berg guy being beheaded, i reacted with indifference, saying if you can behead a goat on tv, you can behead a human; why is that when people are happy with a great psychological support by their belief in god and fate, that i should try it the hard way; why is it that when people are blissfully ignorant of their own mediocrity, that i should be aware of my own; why is it that ... well chuck it..

i guess at some point of time you have to accept yourself for what you are; and dammit, i am happy the way i am...

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