Sunday, December 04, 2005

We, the people

Sunday's edition of We, the people had a section on Should censorship be put away with!, and I was quite surprised that this did not lead to a frenzied Hamari paramara thingie.

The problem with a liberal cameraman/editor is that when anybody justifies an argument calling to help hamari parampara, the camera pans to focus on people who are laughing their ass off.

Coming back to the point,I was surprised that nobody raised this point.

I do not believe in censorship; the fact that a few people decide what I see is an insult to my intelligence. However, looking at the current episodes in TN, for instance, I don't think the society is ready for it yet.

I have only one condition to fall for a woman - she should be a liberal feminist. And Pooja Bhatt is one.

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