Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stupid flashback and some pointless nostalgia

I std. E section

Dug up an old photo. Second from right on the top row - that's me. Third from right, on the bottom row - that's Krittika Lakshmi.

About nine years after this photo was taken, I was smitten. Had a huge crush on Krittika lakshmi. She was quite a stunner by then. Without bothering you with details of all the silly, typical things I did, I'll go directly to the farewell party where we had staged a comedy play that turned out to be quite successful. As I was coming out of the stage, I saw her standing right next to the stage. Asked her if she is interested in having an ice cream, and headed to the nearest ice cream parlour. On the way to the shop, I was making all the right moves(she was too) and was about to ask her out when her dad came and picked her up. That was the end of my biggest crush.

Given an opportunity, I'd love to go back and kill her dad.

What's the point of this bland uninterestingly written post you ask? Insomnia.


anantha said...

Hope she sees this post!!! ;)

sudha said...

and, insomnia, eh?