Wednesday, December 14, 2005


It is amusing to listen to parents' list of requirements in a college:
1. What is the scope of the course?
This is one question that drives me up the wall. I tried answering it all earnesty - "Tell him/her to choose sth that s/he is interested in". But most of the desi students(atleast in the south) don't have a clue. So, the next line of answer was "Every field has its Scope. If you are good, you can always do a masters and specialise. If you are no good, you always have the software industry (sic)."

But no, they say. One woman even went on to say "ECE is a good course for ladies".

I have two problems with this.
1. Why can't people say "women". Why shd be always be ladies?
2. Why is ECE a good course for ladies?

Anyways, after a couple of attempts, I decided that it wasn't worth it and just nodded to whatever they ask

"What do you suggest? ECE or CSE? I heard IT does not have much scope now."
"That's a good decision aunty", I said nodding feverishly. "Lots of scope" and walked away leaving them confused.

The only answer is to nuke mylapore. Will solve half the world's problems.


cvs said...


u R being stupid . if u assume every field has scope..

all they are looking for is monetarily which is better.. and dont try to be smart saying that all field have scope.



Nilu said...

ippa ennandra? ithellam.

Ishwar said...

nuke mylapore.

Aekta said...

This post certainly has a lot of scope.