Sunday, December 04, 2005

The UK government is considering raising the miniumum legal smoking to 18 and this guy said this on BBC.

Some people have become too self righteous. Hoping to banish all disease is egocentric in the hope of getting close to immortality. Increase the age of legal purchase to 18, but don’t wave your finger in the face of those who smoke. It is patronising to 25% of our population who do. Take away all ‘fashionably preventable’ disease and you are then left with the spectre of dying of dementia or Alzheimer’s – an end worse than death itself. I would choose lung cancer at 70 than Alzheimer’s at 99.

Sometimes, civilisation leaves you feeling scared. I plan to blow my brains out when I am forty-something. Let's see how things go.

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Anthroponym said...

Why 40 something? Why not now?
They say "for a man, life begins after 40" is your decision related to this???