Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ode to an extinct theropod diapsid.

Oh you fearsome dromaeosaurid,
thy presence electrifies the celluloid

Hailing from the mighty archosaurs,
quiteunlike anaconda's anal spurs

Megalodon, in comparison, was but a turkey
peed in its pants and ran away like leon trotsky

On your glance mammals scurry,
lest they become rodent curry

Cut, slash and rip hapless mammals,
running fast without sandals

Thou art great, thou art strong
incredibly sexy, without a gong.

Img: Wikipedia


Nilu said...

Thy TOF = 2.7

Ishwar said...

man, i rock :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Almost as good as the " Bike " by Pult