Sunday, December 18, 2005


Disclaimer: It was a heinous act, a very heinous one indeed.

I don't understand my fetish for disclaimers. Every second statement is delimited on both sides with disclaimers. What is it that I am trying to convey - that I am a fucking liberal with an open view of the world? Why should 'liberals' use so many disclaimers? Don't they ever get tired of it?

I might be wrong, but I think this is a heinous act! Fuck you. Its your goddamned opinion. Why should you be scared that it might be wrong? What if it is wrong? How does the opinion of the dumbfucks who bother to listen you matter anyway? Of course I might be wrong about this! Gosh, people are incorrigble, but then, who isn't.

Anyways, coming to the point, Bangalore has gone nuts. The only people that I happen to know are techies here and they've gone bonkers. Everybody is talking about the BPO murder and that's all they do. And yes, they feel scared, threatened , vulnerable and have become an extremely paranoid lot.

Most of them act as if this was the first crime ever committed and that they've been living in utopia all along. I don't recall people being so agitated when a policeman raped a girl in Bombay or for that matter, incidents in Delhi and Madras.

Is it beacause for the first time, somebody in their kin has been killed and they identify with it, is it because a cab driver is in your trusted circle and when he lets you down, you don't know who else in your circle of trust can let you down next?

I was discussing this with my cousin, and realised that he was of the opinion that women should not work late at night, and this incident only reinforced it. Had the woman not gone to work at this unearthly hour, such things wouldn't have happened. The man only followed his natural urges, raped and killed her. And this cousin is 23 years old, not one from the old school.

He went on to say that all sexual assault cases happen because the women wear suggestive dresses and were asking for it and that the men just couldn't help it. It was their instinct.

To make things worse, there was a power cut on monday morning, and am in a very foul mood. So, fuck everybody.

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