Friday, December 23, 2005

Synopsis at 1539

Almost a year back, I was in coorg for a team outing. Two days in a coffee estate is my idea of bliss. Old-timers might remember how I got drunk and took my manager for a ride that night. But equally interesting was another argument that was centred on relationships.

True to the world's fixation on fidelty, most of my colleagues were of the opinion that a relationship symbolises fidelty and that one can't possibly be in love with more than one person at a time. My colleague and I had a different opinion. We believed that if both of you are fine with it, go right ahead.

What's interesting is, after a year, I still believe in it, despite the fact that I am at the receiving end. Man, am I proud of myself.

P.S: NTLDR issue on my home PC. Will try to solve it, or more to linux.


Nilu said...

OK - have I missed the boat?

Fuck. Am always late.

Ishwar said...

yes buddy, and you never stood a chance anyway :)

Parii said...

Receiving end of what? If you call it receiving end, who's giving it to you?

dev2r said...

He's at the acute end of a triangle, I would guess.

Nilu said...

Its more a dodecahedron :P

Ishwar said...

parii, the post is not so cryptic, is it ;)
dev, ya, there is an acuteness factor, nd,
nilu, you missed your boat. don't be too happy :)