Tuesday, June 07, 2005

As someone who has been watching the downfall of BJP for a couple of years now(*decay = loss of popularity), I must say that Advani's volte-face has taken me quite by surprise.To me,it is not so much the resignation - this man is too old anyway. What is probably needed is a new face - jaitley, for example. What actually matters is the debunking of the RSS ideology of a united india, in the wake of the oncoming bihar elections.

One of the following possibilites should have happened
1. Advani has finally gone nuts.
2. Nostalgia, finding his roots and all such crap
3. An identity swap: It is actually Ayaz Amir wearing Advani's mask.

Whatever be the case, this is going to be interesting. All those old men in ridiculous khakhi shorts and lathi would lunge for his throat. I hope he doesn't retract his statement too soon.

P.S: For once, Advani was speaking the truth. Jinnah was a secular person, in his own way.

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