Friday, June 03, 2005

Commies duped us...

Another classic case of commie-written text book. We weren't taught about Mendeleev's greatest contribution to humanity - his doctoral thesis.

Mendeleyev is often credited for the scientific justification of the "optimal" ratio of alcohol of 40% (80 proof) used in vodka. The source for the attribution was his doctorate thesis "On Composing Alcohol with Water".

Screw Periodic table - someone else would have come up with it eventually. This is big time research man! rocks

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Anonymous said...

What makes you think someone else couldnt have come up with
"optimal" ratio of alcohol of 40% (80 proof) used in vodka.
Not to suggest that I disagree that his doctoral thesis is by far his greatest contribution to human race...

"Composing Alcohol with Water"
holy shit!!! that might as well have been anyone's greatest contribution to the human race