Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One of my _colleagues_ in Madras office passed away, and we had a condolence meeting in Bangalore, and people recounted the last time they met her, and how other colleagues were very helpful in times of need.

I sometimes feel that I have to let out the 'Alex' de Large in me and lash out.

Nilu was right. We all watch movies as we would like to live vicariously, be it as Raj in DDLJ(puke) or as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. The difference between Nilu's and my perception of the vicariousness is that while his is pre-mediated, mine is post-associative.

An Airtel customer care executive called up an hour back, and started out by sincerely explaining how glad he was that I was Airtel's customer. I had half a mind to tell him to cut the crap, and get on with it. Airtel is supposed to lead the telecom revolution in India, and what is it doing with incompetent customer care executives who don't *care* but *pander*/*abase*.

Was chatting with Vaidy last night. He stated that he had become cynical of the world at large, and very dismissive. I welcomed him to the gang, but he refused to, saying that he didn't want to.

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Vaidya said...

But the mohan bhargava only for one boy. furu.
if u dinno which character that was. it sharukhs in Swades.

i am fan of Shahrukh - btw.

-hehhe,, guess i will get no ph calls from aus/blore from nowon !!!