Monday, June 13, 2005

Atlast, someones talking

Let's have X-rated films, says Kamal

There are a few things about tamil movies that strike you as being vulgar, much more than, say, bollywood movies. No, it is not gyrating hips, scantily clad women and the camera focussing on the belly button and other parts of the anatomy. Guess this is uniform across the Indian film industry to pander to the average sexually starved indian adult.

The vulgarity comes from the hypocratic contrast between people's mindset and the lyrics of tamil songs. The tamil society can be, without loss of generality and without fear of generalisation , described best as being affectedly demure especially in issues related to sex. Any tangential reference to sex is best avoided, and if that isn't possible, mentioned in such vague terms that can mean anything from a safety pin to a chicken to a penis.

Tamil songs, in stark contrast to the rest of tamildom, revolves as much around sex as dinosaurs did around the mesozoic tar swamps. Tell me the last song that did not have refernces to making out, anatomical features or deprivation, and i shall still refuse it. This fact, when considered in conjuction with the coy attitude is what makes the whole industry pukable.

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cvs said...

i agree.
I think Basic Instinct has lesser vulgar/sexual content than many indian movies.