Monday, June 06, 2005

These environmentalists are the best irritators in this whole goddamned world.

The other day, I was walking along a busy road in Koramangala with my friend when this Green Peace person politely asked us if we have a few minutes to spare. My friend is this activisty type of a person. We can forgive her for that cos she is a sane person otherwise. ;)

This woman then went on to show us photos of various projects that they have halted due to perceived threats to the environment, and asked for contribution. I didn't obviously.

What was funny/irritating was her "holier-than-thou" attitude. I care, you don't. see, i am making you aware of all this

Goddammit, doesn't she know that every toddler knows that the amazon forests are being reduced at a rate of 2% every year, temperature is rising, sea level fluctuating, acid rains, mercury poisoning, south india becoming a desert, and so on.. And despite all that when I go ahead and have a beer, it means that i dont care a damn...

I then went on to make a significant contribution towards extinction of chicken.

Reminds me of an Issac Asimov story set in the future, where this person holds the last of the non-human lifeforms(two mice) and feels that he holds nature's fate in his hands. Quite hilarious.

Waiting for the next ship to Mars for emigration.

God save the world from environmentalists...

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