Monday, June 27, 2005

The problem is, choice....

I woke up today with a dream in which a lot of people died, and I was reading a short story in Ananda Vikatan.

Almost a decade back, when I was in Madras, I was an avid reader of a then-not-too-bad tamil weekly magazine called Ananda Vikatan. This particular short story that came in my dreams appeared in AV then. It was about a traditional-yet-modern college girl.

Her college allows women to wear only saris, and she takes up the issue in hand, fights for her rights, and ultimately the college authorities relent and scrap the rule, and the next day, bang, this girl comes in a sari.

When asked, she says the problem is choice. You can't restrict what I wear, but my choice is a sari.

Find the story really really funny now. This , I guess was the reason.

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