Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My ego just took a huge hit... unsurmountable perhaps... just a couple of hours back.

The last time this happened was in second standard when i had a fight with my classmate over applied maths. We fought silly over what seemed to be an involved discussion then. Which is a bigger number- infinity or million?

Any person who knows me for a couple of hours and talked about addition of two two-digit numbers would be able to figure out the which side i was on.The same day, after i returned from school, i got to know that my my crush's classmate was my best friend then, and i dreamt of killing him..

But should i brush this aside like it never happened, or should something be done about it? am confused.


cvs said...

go and kill kuzhandai/nilu..
everything will be alrite..

btw,mashter gota job in ATlanta.


Proverb said...

How can you sit around talkingabout the intricacy of infinity and waste time googling over a girl who has a "best friend?"

Ishwar said...

hey proverbial dude, read ur statment again...who talked of googling? go, get a life...