Monday, October 24, 2005

Barkha Dutt and me - 2

My crush on Barkha Dutt went up a couple of notches after yesterday's "We, the people", (though it is still quite close my opinion of visu's arattai arangam).

The issue in contention was the ethics/pragmaticity of surrogate parenthood. The participants ranged from a religiously deranged father who raised one the only good point in the whole show. This point notwithstanding, the show was overrun by morality-obsessed hordes who think this is still 1609 and that women should be brought up/treated differently.

The show was centred on a 46-year old single man who chose a surrogate mother to bear him a child. The point that I wanted to make was that despite all these arguments, Barkha Dutt punched a kilometre-wide hole on the participants' faces for being sexists and not appreciating it when a man takes up the responsibility of parenthood.

I know a few people who would feel that way.

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