Monday, October 17, 2005

Life, or something like it- 7

An unbelievable fraction of my life in the last one year or so has been about one person... so much so that i suppose, subconsiously, i cared a damn about the rest of the world. am not going to weigh the consequences, and am not going to debate the reasons... whatever they are,i enjoyed it to the core and am happy...

realised this as i have to go to the hospital today to dress my stitches, and am stranded with nobody to take me to the hospital as she is busy with one of her spic macay orientations, and i dont feel like asking anybody else...

I posted this in September 2004 when I had an accident, am surprised that I didn't realise the obvious then.

Life has strange ways of masking the obvious and projecting the trivialties.

A really awesome drawing of a baby tyrannosaurus

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