Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mylapore and penguins' sexual orientation

Sullivan mocks humanity's imposition of anthropo-centric morals on animal behaviour.

The keepers at Berlin’s Bremerhaven zoo were frustrated for years wondering why their penguin couples weren’t producing any eggs. After DNA testing they discovered that three of the five pairs had the avian equivalent of “civil partnerships”.

No word yet on progress. But German gay groups were outraged. How dare the zoo try to reprogram gays? “The central question is, are our penguins really gay or is it simply a lack of opportunity?” the zoo keeper told Der Spiegel. “The males have had the opportunity but haven’t done it.”

In New York’s Central Park zoo, a gay penguin marriage has even become literature. Roy and Silo were two male penguins who showed no interest in the females, appeared devoted to each other, built a nest together and at one point even found a pebble they decided to sit on.

On a related note, at the pterodactyl's house last night, I saw the the much-acclaimed Jungle book.Probably the best in the animated movies genre, after Ice Age and Hishomita, a japanese animated porn.

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