Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Evolution rocks -2

Continuing this, Michael Crichton stooped to the level of Luis Llosa(of Anaconda fame), and competed with Anaconda in the number of factual errors.

You bring back a species that has been extinct for 65 million years and one that has brains the size of a potato, and bang - there they are, opening doors with hands.

Factual error1: Velocirapors are therapods, closely related to modern birds and their shoulder joins allow only one type of movement of limbs - sideways, like that of a bird. Not up and down, the way that one opens doors.

Factual error2: Just because they hunt in packs, velociraptors aren't wolves. And just because they are biped, they aren't tyrannosaurs rex either. Give this amazing predator some respect. This is how they would've hunted. In other words, getting close to the prey, leaping high and sinking those famous "sickle claws" into the throat and bleeding the prey to death would've been the strategy.

And the ambush would be like nothing that you get to see on Animal planet. The metre-tall biped weighing around 45 kgs would run towards you flapping its feather-covered wings like a bird to get a lift, and after it gets sufficinet lift, it would kick the ground hard wiht its hind legs, jump into the air flapping its wings and using its tail for steering and sink its claws into your throat.

Michael Crichton, Steven Speilberg - are you listening?

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