Monday, October 10, 2005

Life, or something like it., 3

I love to indulge myself, and these days I do it by reading other peoples' blogs. I get a high reading terrible blogs on silly everyday incidents with non-existent sense of humour, and seeing that 40 people are pea-brains enough to like it and appreciate it.

This is one of the reasons why I want to nuke mylapore

The RavingAtheist has some very powerful logical proofs on the non-existence of god.

First, there is no God. In fact, all definitions of the word "God" are either self-contradictory, incoherent, meaningless or refuted by empirical, scientific evidence. Although the nature of the disproof will necessarily vary with the god under review, I will usually be raving against the modern monotheistic (or triune) Judeo-Christian-Islamic God, having (in various permutations) the characteristics of being, conscious, all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient), all-good (omnibenevolent), immaterial, transcendent. immutable, immortal, infinite, omnipresent, disembodied and eternal.

Such a god is as much a contradiction in terms as a square circle, and thus logically impossible, for numerous reasons including the following:

1) Omnipotence is impossible because God would, at a minimum, be unable to limit his powers, e.g., make a stone he cannot lift; if he could make such a stone, then his inability to lift it would defeat his omnipotence;

2) God's omnipotence conflicts with his omniscience, because if God knows everything that is going to happen in advance, he cannot do anything in the present; he must simply watch the future unfold as previously foreseen, because changing anything would falsify his prior belief concerning the future;

3) God's omnipotence precludes him from having knowledge of any sensations or emotions associated with weakness, e.g., fear, frustration, despair, sickness, etc., and thus conflicts with him omniscience;

4) God's omniscience precludes him from having knowledge of any emotions associated with surprise or anticipation, and thus conflicts with itself;

5) God's omniscience conflicts with his disembodiedness, since a being without a body could not know how to drive, swim, or perform any activity associated with having a body;

6) God's omniscience conflicts with his omnibenevolence, since a morally perfect god could not have knowledge of feelings of hate, lust, or envy, or cruelty, etc.

7) God's omniscience and omnipotence conflict with his omnibenevolence, since a god who could prevent evil would do so unless he were unable to do so or unaware of the evil.

Very powerful arguments, I must say. I wonder why students are still taught religion in school. When I was in school, we had a subject called "Moral Education" till 6th standard. There were various stories and anectodes on god. One funny story went such:

There was a man who wanted to see if God really existed and so he raised his son w/o external influneces. He taught him history, mathematics, biology and physcis, all the while not mentioning one word about god. A few years later, he caught his son kneeling in the ground and praying. The son realised that someone must have created them and that the creator should've been a benovelant almighty god.

Nobody tries to teach me theism at 25. Am missing all the fun.

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