Sunday, October 30, 2005

Four days in festive Madras

Wanted: A loaded grenade launcher and an auto stand

I am pissed off, fuming, angry and exhausted. I wish that all the auto drivers in Madras drop dead and all potential auto drivers die of colon cancer. Those who survive the colon cancer, get bone marrow cancer and die a very painful death.

One auto-driver gave a moving story of oppression and the subsequent fight-back. More about this later.

My cousin is getting married, and the groom's family has asked for a huge dowry, and worse, my cousin's family is giving it. I feel like going to the marriage and puking on the dias. But then, I choose not to care

Internet Cafes in madras have this annoying policy of asking you to remove your footwear before entering the shop.


tilotamma said...

I thionk you should definitely go and puke over evryone - those who agreed to give it , those who took it and the guests for good measure.

cvs said...