Monday, October 10, 2005

Did you know...

That up until the time humans colonised New Zealand(Maoris, a thousand years ago), the only mammals in NewZeland were a few bats and that all the ecological niches occupied by deer, zebra, lion, hyena and crocoidle were occupied by birds(and a few by reptiles)?

Man, what would I not give to see such an ecosystem(I wouldn't give this up for sure.

Below is a scale model of Moa, the dominant herbivore in the New Zealand eco system and to the right is the scale image of a Haast eagle attacking Moas. A truly majestic sight.

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P.S: Image souce: Wikipedia

Had dinosaurs not been wiped out and had intelligent life descended from dinosaurs, it would have been a huge pity for one simple reason. Dinosaurs didn't have extenal genitals and hence dinosauroids couldn't have masturbated :)
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Boy, that's a pity....


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