Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How dumb can people get anyway?

I don't understand why creationist have to adopt this cool-scientifically-inclinded-stupid-dude attritude when it comes to evolution. Why can't they stick to their dogma in a way that befits dogma - being inanely dogmatic. Why should they to explain dinosaurs and fossils and make a bigger fool of themselves.

I hate utopians. Ceratopsians, yes. Utopians, no. These morons claim that all animals before the flood were herbivores - it was a perfect world, you see.

Stupidest Argument ever

Could it be that tyrannosaurs were mostly plant-eaters, not meat-eaters? The shape of their teeth alone can't tell us what they ate. Perhaps they used their sharp teeth and claws to tear up tough plants and fruits, not dinosaurs. Obviously sharp teeth can serve other purposes than simply cutting meat, just as kitchen knives can be used for cutting carrots as well as steaks.

It is surprising that humanity still survives. Thankfully, we don't have such faggots teaching us science in schools.

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