Monday, October 10, 2005

Nuke Mylapore campaign

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I am a simple man. I have few dreams, fewer ambitions and no expectations from life. There is nothing that would give me the satisfaction of having satisfied the purpose of my life. Well, almost.

If there is one thing that would give me immense happiness, it is nuking Mylapore. Imagine taking a helicopter with a 0.5Megaton plutonium bomb and dropping it over Mylapore from a height of 6000m, listening to "Für Elise" and watching it burn to ashes. THAT, my friend, is what satisfaction would feel like.

On a tangential note, did you know that as of 27 November 2003, no European company - except one - can use the first 9 notes from Beethoven's beautiful melody anymore?A Dutch trademark agency ShieldMark succesfully claimed the rights on the first nine notes of "Für Elise".

Weird? Yes, but not as wierd as the inhabitants of this land - Mylapore.

To be continued..
P.S: That's me, happily watching mthe mushroom cloud over mylapore :)


kozz said...

Fur Elise inducing megalomania??? Thats new.
Tracks from Carmina Burana would probably be more appropriate.

Vijai said...

Mr. Nuke, do you care to explain why you take pleasure to nuke mylapore?