Sunday, October 23, 2005

The linguo-pyschic divide

Over the last few years, I've come to realise that there is something fundamentally different between a tamil psyche and a hindi psyche.

To make it short and crisp, tamil psyche doesn't know how to live. It still thinks that living in with 5 more friends in a cramped house without a TV and, what would otherwise be called ameneties, but here, called luxuries like a television, is fun. It thinks 40 times before spending 100Rs, and thinks that a good way to have fun when you are 25 is to hang out with 10 more 25-year old men and exchange dirty jokes.

I have a message for you - go drench yourself, and get a life.

P.S: Definitely not directed at anybody.


cvs said...

Every indian is as stupid as rest of them or say as smart.
everyone is as frugal.


Ishwar said...

probably in the united states. But back in india, it isn't quite the same. Am reminded of Sidin's blog.

Sundar said...

... appears to be a hasty generalisation.

Ishwar said...

Probably, but I've seen all my friends from BE and even otherwise in India or in the US ,including me exhibit this behaviour.

And for the same salary, I've seen that the standard of living of a hindi family is generally higher than that of a tamil family.

Probably my sample space is wrong, but this is my observation.

duh said...

Working off of a (probably) similar sample space, I would grudgingly be drawn to drawing the same conclusion... though all Indians are bad when it comes to spending money, the Hindi crowd is less bad...