Tuesday, October 11, 2005

History's most famous embrace

Originally uploaded by Ishwar Sridharan.
This is an artist's reconstruction of history's most famous embrace - a hunt from the dinosaur era captured forever as a fossil.

The deadly velociraptor, a maniraptorian theropod, one of the most efficient predators the world has seen- with its characteristic sickle-claw is hunting a protoceratops, a ceratopsian with a huge beaked head. The velociraptor has driven its claws into the neck of the protoceratops, and inturn, the protoceratops has broken the right arm of the velociraptor.

The hunter and the hunted were caught unaware when a sandstorm suddenly descended upon them, forever burying them under tons of sand that eventually fossilised the fight.

This is the amazing fossil.

You can distinctly make out the distincly bird-like neck of the velociraptor and the ceratopsian head.

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