Thursday, November 03, 2005

Four days in Madras - II

I heard many interesting stories from the many autorickshaw rides in madras. All accusations of overcharging on the part of the auto drivers are usually met with a dismissive glance or with a complaint that the traffic police demands way too much bribe from the autos.

The driver who took me from Sathyam to Theosophical society had a rather interesting god-father type story. A couple of autodrivers that he knew changed the number plates one night and broke the legs of a few traffic constables in various parts of the city.

I am surprised that the madras public isn't doing anything to fight this menace.

At The Park in Nungambakkam, I had the best wine that I had tasted till date. It did not come cheap. I had to pay Rs.260 as tax.

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