Tuesday, November 08, 2005


A very very very very sad day for sciece. Read this.

Am skipping my third coffee of the day as a mark of solemn protest.

P.S: Velociraptors and oviraptors are turning over in their fossils when they realised that it wasn't a meteortie that wiped them off, but this higher power guy. Why would s/he/it want to wipe out these amazing creatures? Sick higher power.

I really want to know what Indians think of evolution- whether they believe in it or not. Please care to leave a comment on your take on evolution.


Anonymous said...

i think most indians do believe in evolution .. even thathas;)

they say 'kurangilirunthu manithan vanthan'..isn't it?

but again they will even this is God's way..:)

Sriram said...

I'd think that almost all indians would laugh at the idea of intelligent design ;)

Ambar said...

Evolution, I like. It lets me reject everybody's notions of morality. :D

Ishwar said...

good one ambar :))

sriram, i don't think so. like what anon says, if ppl say that they believe in evolution, and go on to say that its all god's work, it is equivalent to intelligent design.