Sunday, November 06, 2005

"We see many nuclear families stopping with a single child. So, a school may have to provide free education to a few hundred single girl children. To make up the loss, schools will either reduce teacher pay or increase fee for boys, which is discrimination against boys," he adds.

Making a case for a grant component from the Government, V. Venkatachalam, CBSE school principal, says that because of free education "parents will seek to shift more girl children from government or aided schools to our institutions. Government schools will see reduction in strength."

Stupidest pieces of argumemt that I've ever come across. Surely, these people must be from mylapore :P

These ppl should fight purely on economic grounds to stop making a fool of themselves.


tilotamma said...


That YGP woman was not coming off much better either except for her open statement that they would would not admit girls in their schools

Ishwar said...

Tilo, IMO, she is right. Why should a capitalist suffer because some stupid politicians passed an illogical law.

There are people who say that this shouldn't be in CBSE schools, but in matriculation and state board schools. For god's sake, this isn't cuba. this is capitalist india.