Monday, November 07, 2005

Kiss ass

The plaque says Against Yahoo! mail, Gmail looks intrusive and Hotmail seems like a stone-age service - Signed, CNET

I have tried out the new Yahoo! mail beta, and it rocks. Currently, its available only for selected users, but the moment it is opened, do try it out. Send me a mail if you want an invite.

That's a cool kick-ass poster IMHO.

P.S: Check this out for what's new with yahoo! mail.


Ambar said...

I want an invite.

Ishwar said...

as a policy decision, i don't send out invites to people who have numbers in their email ids :P

Ambar said...

Aaahhhh,...why does that remind me of this?

dev2r said...

Hey, send me one at dev2r (at) yahoo (dot) com. PLZKTHX.
you gotta admit, my use of numbers is pretty creative :)

Sanket said...

Please send me an invite.