Saturday, November 12, 2005

Arbit crap

A couple of weeks back, I happened to watch this show hosted by the famous pseudo-feminist Suhasini called Ladies Special or some such crappy titled-show. Got to know later that this is a weekly puke fest conducted in different parts of Tamil Nadu, talking to the women from rural areas and trying to empower them.

On particular week, it was in Theni district, and the topic was the much discussed Dress code restriction in colleges in TN. An eighteen-year old girl vociferously supported the dress code restriction saying that it is not tamil tradition to wear things other than saris. An elderly man very emotionally exclaimed that women wearing non-traditional dresses corrupt the minds of young men. I guess you get the general idea of how things went downhill from there.

To wrap things up, an overwhelming 60% of the junta supported dress code restrictions.

My parents were of the opinion that AIDS is a white man's disease because of the promiscuity of the west and that indian culture is all that stands in the way of AIDS epidemic in India. Given the statistics, they refused to accept it and went on to say that such dresses aren't appropriate for our culture.

Now, my parents aren't the dogmatic type. They accept logic when presented properly. My dad was of the opinion that women shouldn't dress indecently in public, and that they are free to wear what they like when they come home. Ha, like that would be permitted. Seeing such reaction from them, I fear that the reaction from the rest of the population would be disastrous.Suddenly, I was glad that I am no longer in tamil nadu, and that I don't wish to be a part of this, and was reminded of this story.

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