Thursday, November 10, 2005

Deriddling evolution - I

I've heard complaints that breaking down things into basic scientific facts takes the beauty out of one's perspective of life. I was discussing social behaviour with my friend and she was wondering if loneliness and missing people has to do with social conditioning from childhood.

I agree with her that this has to do with conditioning, but I believe that the reasons run far far deeper, down to four billion years of evolution. I believe that social life is a very good example of evolution favouring survival, and that the urge to socialise is in our genes, very much like our fear of falling and fear of the dark. And yes, this is just an urge that has to brought out and conditioned by the society that one lives in.

In my humble opinion, ascribing human bonding to evolution does not take away the beauty of the bond, only enhances it. Would love to explain this at length, but duty beckons. More on this soon.

P.S: She's going to be mad at me for this, but what the heck!

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Nilu said...

not so sure about the beauty part....'cause its hard to define that. Otherwise, agreed.