Thursday, November 24, 2005

How about a movies sharing group in bangalore

All you broadband holders and movie collection-holders in bangalore, how do you like to have an informal forum where you can co-ordinate and download movies so that no two people download the same movies? Saves a lot of time and effort, really!

No, this is not a sugguetion for a movie interest group. It is barebones download co-ordination. We can meet once a week or once every fortnight to exchage divx CDs. If interested, post a comment here or send in a mail to

If there are enough people, we can create a message board and start downloading. What says you? Mind you, this is not a charity group. You better have either a broadband connection, or a good collection of movies to share :)

How I wish we had something like netflix in india.

P.S: If you find it interesting, pls. spread the word around but not too much. A group of more than 10 might get unco-ordinatable.

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