Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What would you do if you were God?

This was QOTD on TRA. The very answer that I wanted to give, but looks like somebody else thought of the same thing too.

I'd spend six days creating a planet, but while I was doing it I'd plant fake "fossils" and otherwise make it look like the planet had been around for billions of years and that life had evolved slowly over that time. That way, the species I endowed with intelligence and logical reasoning ability that allowed them to improve their lives and build a successful civilization would eventually use those same abilities to conclude that I didn't exist. Then I'd make the smug buggers roast in hell for eternity for their lack of faith. Good times.

Often, it is not coffee or sex, but sarcasm that gives a great beginning to a day.


Anonymous said...

dude, sorry for the OT post. But were you at forum last night (Tue, 22 nov).

Dinosaur comics:

Ishwar said...

No. If you ever see me at the forum, there can be only one answer - it wasn't not me! Hate the place.

Ya, this is a cool comic strip with a female Dromiceiomimus that likes dinosaur sex! lol...

BTW, who is this?

duh said...

Often, it is not coffee or sex, but sarcasm that gives a great beginning to a day.

Hahahaha!!!!! Very very very true!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have always had some Q's on the book too...
1) If GOD created light on the first day, how come stars and sun came on the 5th day?

2) If the plants were created on the 3rd and sun on the 5th, wasnt photosynthesis or something like that required for their basic survival..

These and many more...Something is defly amiss from chapter 1 itself and these guys want to make it a science...Mankind has taken a step back by 100 years,..

Parii said...

In response to the title question, we are. We just don't understand it yet.

In response to the last line: I'll take coffee any day.

Ishwar said...

anon, i have a golden rule. don't restate the obvious unless it adds humour.

aekta, i used to believe in what you said, but i don't understand the logic.if we are gods, how do you define god? attributes/characteristics? we can take the discussion offline(sorry, corporate influence).

Parii said...

Yes, it can be a long discussion, sometimes takes people whole lifetimes to figure out :-)