Thursday, November 17, 2005

Indulgence is cool.....

Having gone to sleep last night in a reasonably foul mood after watching Van Helsing, I was in a very indulgent mood today and an Iyappa swamy was just the right person to roll in this indulgence. Cutting off the incidental details, I was very happy, not so much to refuse, but to politely reason out why I refused.

The iyappan who was incidentally an auto driver in my local stand was visibly indignant.


Continuing the indulgence drive, am heading to Thadiyandamol in the Kodagu region. Trekking all the way up the mountain.

These pictures are from my earlier trekking to donigal over an amazing abandoned railway track. Hopefully, we'll have as much fun as we had the last time. More photos from the donigal trek here.


Ambar said...

You actually took the time and effort to reason with the guy?

Nilu said...


Ishwar said...

ambar, yes. try it sometime. last time, i tried it on greenpeace volunteers, explaining at length why i don't believe in their ideology.

To my surprise, they were pretty cool about it, not like the "holier-than-thou" social workers.

Ambar said...

The last time I *really* tried was at age 11. Unfortunately, my otherwise patient grandparents didn't take too kindly to an entire year of my impassioned arguments about atheism, and why eating beef is not "wrong".

Guess its time I tried it for kicks.