Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Epiphanic omphalos

The probablilty that a random pick of adjectives, verbs and adverbs miraculously form a sentence that makes sense is 3.4E-30. Somebody should inform this to this moron.

In a series where daunting targets have been chased down with the insouciance normally exhibited by those who unexpectedly come into a large inheritance, India pre-empted the event by popping off the moneyed and metaphorical relative, restricting Sri Lanka to 196 in the sixth ODI on Wednesday.

For those of you who know the context, this sounds like pult's aethenium speech :)


Anonymous said...


PS: Ithellam...

Ishwar said...

guru, in sharp contrast that is an oft-quoted case of judicious use of adjectives amd adverbs,resulting in a humorous post.

P.S: I didn't write in hindu :P