Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Not another top 10

Miller gives a neat list of top 10 vestigal organs here. Interesting read. Atlast, I know the reason behind the irritating goosebumps :)

Finally, we have a good alternative to the google-worshipping slashdot here.

Apparently, ants nibbled and ate a diabetic woman's left eye in a government hospital somewhere in eastern india when she was recovering from an operation. When she shireked in pain, the doctors assured her that this is normal post-operation pain. Strange things happen all the time.

Hey, ID-ers, is humanity's colossal stupidity the result of "intelligent design" too? :P

A truly scintillating song, matched only by its monumentally crappy lyrics is iru vizhiyin vazhiye from Siva.


dev2r said...

Your poll does not have an option for his noodliness, the FSM. Thou art not a true pastafarian.

Ishwar said...

dev, the poll is for stupid beliefs.. FSM is the truth, not a belief :P

btw, what's the funda behind "2r"?

Zero said...

[off-topic alert]
You had said this in an old post of this blog.
All my life, I have believed that the singular purpose of life is to increase one's knowledge, and nothing more.
Do you really believe/believed in this? Or was it another illusion (which you thought was a disillusionment)?
Because I have kinda inferred quite the contrary.