Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My fantasy - a novel on alternative evolution

This has been a long-standing secret desire of mine - to write a fantasy novel on alternative evolution - a hypothetical story of how evolution would've proceeded had the freak meteorite not crashed into the earth 65 million years back.

To start with, there would be no mammals. Accept the fact - mammals suck big time(pun intended). I hate hair (probably because I am hirsute) and I find all hairy beasts disgusting. Feathers are cool, way too cool. And everyone knows that the smaller therapods and maniraptorians had fluffy plumages.

Imagine the type of animals that would've evolved from those beautiful dinosaurs. Imagine those animals that would be wandering the earth now. Here are a few hypothetical beasts.

  • Frinch: A pack-hunter, evolved from the velociraptor. This metre-high intelligent carnivore has a dagger-shaped claw on its right hand to slash and kill prey
  • Scolo: A highly intelligent biped omnivorous species evolved from the maniraptorian family. One of the five dinosaur species to develop its own civilisation.

Will continue...

P.S: Am very excited :)

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